Setting Up Your Very Own “Zen Den”

What does it mean to feel “Zen”? In short – relaxed, peaceful, and calm. Many people describe the feeling of being “Zen” like being at a spa; when your mind and body feel tranquil whilst completely stress-free. Similar to feeling “Zen”, a “Zen Den” is a place where you can go to take time out for yourself whether that’s by a bookcase under the stairs, in the garden, or a corner beanbag in your bedroom.

With lockdown making our sofas the new work station, you may be wondering how to create the perfect “Zen Den” whilst being busy at home. Here are three tips on ways to make your surroundings more “Zen” with Eyeko.

1: Find Your Space

Whether you’re an early riser or love to lounge about for hours, find a spot in your home that you can call your own. Once you’ve found it, keep it simple, and fill it with things you love. Pictures, plants, a journal, you name it! Anything you like to create the perfect aura for you.

2: Add Essential Oils

Bring the outdoors to you! It’s no secret essential oils are a no.1 go-to when it comes to feeling relaxed. Think eucalyptus, lavender, and lemon scents – all fresh and vibrant in the air. Whatever fragrances are your favourite, include these in your “Zen Den” as infusers or oil drops on a pillowcase. Don’t be afraid to try new scents and change up your environment from time to time with new fragrances.

3: Read, Write and Relax

Double Act

No “Zen Den” would be complete without classic home comforts – pillows, blankets, and low lighting. Make it warm and welcoming. Read, write, and relax whatever way you choose. Have a bath, practice yoga, or play with new makeup. Take time out of your day to give yourself some needed self-care.

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The Meaning Behind Yin and Yang


The Meaning Behind Yin and Yang

A recognised symbol worldwide, Yin and Yang is a concept used within Taoism. A Chinese philosophy and religion, it describes how seamless opposites can complement one another in the natural world. Showcased in the form of black and white circles that swirl into one another, the nature of Yin and Yin flows and changes with time whilst representing balance and wholeness within life. But what may come as a surprise to you is Yin and Yang goes so much deeper than that...

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