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The ultimate routine using four eye makeup products

The ultimate routine using four eye makeup products
Ana Joyking
Writer and expert3 years ago
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With life returning to the new normal, our once-relaxed schedules at home are suddenly becoming jam-packed again. One of the biggest considerations is the return to the workplace. Gone are the days of waking up minutes before your first virtual meeting, and as you return to the office, the choice between a full face of makeup or a few more minutes of precious sleep will be tough. 

But worry not, we’ve got a simple eye makeup routine for those days when the morning commute is back. When we have makeup on, it leaves us feeling prepared and ready for the day ahead, helping us feel more awake with an added confidence boost. Adjusting to a new wake-up time is tough, but we can help cut back the minutes in your morning makeup routine. 

Here are our four best eye makeup products and tips for eye makeup that will not only leave you feeling your very best but also refreshed without missing out on precious zzz’s.   

 Step one: Brows  

Arguably one of the most important parts of your makeup routine, you should never forget about the eyebrows, even when in a hurry. They frame the face and can help make you look more awake. An easy way to get brow goals? Our tinted Brow Gel. This gel will effortlessly define and improve the appearance of your eyebrows with minimal effort. With just a few swipes, the nano brush and botanically-enriched formula give a natural finish and flexible hold.  

Simply wipe off excess product from the brush and apply in short upward strokes. You can use the tip of the brush to shape and style brows for a natural and flexible hold. This gel applies wet but dries to a natural finish. 

Step two: Eyeshadow  

A simple eye makeup look is easy to achieve with the right products. Sometimes we don’t have time to build and blend using our most expensive palettes and brushes. Enter: Double Act Shadow Sticks. These sticks contain two versatile shades that can be effortlessly blended using just your fingertips. The easy-to-use and creamy texture will glide across your eyelids for an even finish. Swipe to create a variety of quick and easy eye makeup looks that can go from day to night. Use a single shade or mix for a more defined look then simply blend out with your fingertips. 

Step three: Eyeliner 

An easy way to take basic eye makeup to the next level is eyeliner. It can be quite a tricky liquid, but eyeliner can be applied effortlessly and quickly when with the right tools. Eyeliner adds sharpness to any eye makeup look and gives the illusion of bigger eyes. Using our Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner makes winged eyeliner effortless no matter your skill level or time limit. With a smooth, fluid and single-stroke application, our best-selling eyeliners last all day without fading – perfect for anyone on the go. Simply guide the tip of the pen-like brush close to the root of the lashes, and the liner will glide on with ease. 

Need more tips and tricks? We have another blog post all about eyeliner for your eye shape.

Step Four: Mascara 

Okay, if we had to choose between these four, our go-to will always be mascara. Mascara adds volume, length and opens up the eyes. Applying mascara can make us feel more confident and with wide-awake eyes all day. Our Lash Alert Mascara is a botanically-infused with a fibre-rich formula that gives instant energy, lifting the sleepiest of lashes. To enhance the lifting effect, carefully rotate the brush backwards on itself when you reach the tips of your lashes to encourage curl. 

Ana Joyking
Writer and expert
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Hi there! My name is Ana and I love all things makeup. I have had a passion for writing for a long time and started my career in TV , Radio and music journalism, working on some really cool TV shows, festivals and interviewing cool bands. Now I get to write about all things make up from the help tips and tricks to the weird and wonderful, there is no limit to who you can be with the power of makeup.