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Explore our range of cruelty-free, vegan eye makeup. Our range of plant-based products covers your start-to-finish routine for the brows and eyes, with eyeliners, mascaras, brow products, and eyeshadows. Our vegan eye makeup maintains the same great, expertly-formulated standard, for eye makeup you can feel good about. What's more, our innovative creations work hard to enhance your natural beauty so you don't have to. Loved by beauty influencers, editors, and our customers alike, our products have been crafted with botanically-enriched formulas and natural origin ingredients, so this vegan eye makeup can cater to all. Enhance your eyes and brows and explore Eyeko's range today.
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Why Eyeko's Vegan Makeup?

Eyeko's vegan eye makeup has been designed to help you enhance your natural beauty in peace, knowing that each product is entirely cruelty-free. Whether you want to volumize the lashes or define the brows, our products are made with blends of natural origin ingredients to help you to empower your confidence, effortlessly.