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5 Ways to Boost Your Mood

5 Ways to Boost Your Mood
Assistant Brand Manager4 years ago
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We're living in a really strange time right now, and everything feels a little bit daunting and uncertain - but we don't want to focus on that. What we want to focus on here at Eyeko, is ways to boost your mood when you're feeling a little down. It's totally normal to get some waves of sadness right now, so we've pulled together some tips on small things you can do to help boost your mood!

Get ready in the morning.

Eyeko Ways to Boost Your Mood: Get Up and Get Ready. Winged Eyeliner
We all know how much better you can feel when you're taking care of yourself. Whether it's keeping up with your morning skincare routine, blow-drying your hair, creating a killer makeup look, or rocking that bad-ass outfit, getting ready in the mornings can really help you feel more motivated and boost your mood. It doesn't matter whether you're going to be on a conference call from home, or whether anyone will see you, it will make you feel good! We love our Black Magic Eyeliner for a bold and dramatic wing!


Eat happy!

Bamboo Cup Reusable Coffee Cup Eyeko ways to boost your mood
Did you know there are certain foods which can help to lift your mood? Research has shown that certain foods work to improve overall brain health, and even certain types of mood disorders. Fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids such as Salmon and Tuna, Dark Chocolate, Bananas, Berries & Coffee contain sugars, vitamins and other essentials which can help to boost your mood!


Get your body moving!

Eyeko Sport Waterproof Duo Ways to boost your mood
It's no secret that a little exercise helps boost our moods! It can be tricky when we're distancing, however there's so much you can do at home too! Why not try some light yoga, or a home HIIT workout on YouTube? One of our favourite things to do is put on some music and just dance around the house - the perfect way to have fun and exercise! If you're in the mood to exercise with some amazing eye makeup, our Sport Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner Duo is a must!


Be kind to other people.

Black Magic Duo and Sport Duo | Get To Know Our Valentine’s Day Sets
Reach out to friends and family and ask them how they are. Ask how they're coping and plan a time for a video call. Why not sort through your clothes and get a bag ready for a charity shop? Being kind to others or knowing that what you're doing could help others can really help to boost your mood!


Practise Gratitude!

Eyeko how to boost your mood
Although times feel pretty tough at the moment, practising gratitude is so important, now more than ever! Try and think of three things each morning that you're thankful for. It could be your friends and family, a new book you've been loving, or a new meal you've learned how to cook. Recognising these good things each morning will help to set your mood and tone for the day.

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Assistant Brand Manager
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Hi! I'm Sally and I'm the Assistant Brand Manager here at Eyeko. I've always loved reading and writing blogs, so I like to dive in here and tell you what new and exciting things are coming up, from events and offers to campaigns and products! My day-to-day here at Eyeko HQ usually involves looking at the most exciting and fun new products we can bring to you, along with lots of creative ideas to keep the Eyeko website and social channels looking fresh.