Elle US: April Long Says “I Do” to Eye Do Eyeliner

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eye do April long

“I’ve been wearing liquid eyeliner since I first caught Breakfast at Tiffany’s on TV in high school and attempted to copy Holly Golightly’s signature cat-eye by going not-so lightly with a Sharpie (do not try this).

I’ve experimented with evry iteration of ink to craft that swoosh-too-soft pencils, prone-to-go-rogue liquids, fussy cake liners in pots- andhave found only one that I hope to have and hold till death do us part; Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner, to which I say “i do”.

The felt-tip applicator handles like a dream: no errant skips, blobs, or squiggles (even when the hand in question is attached to a body that’s had a few glasses of wine). The carbonblack is truly pitch-black and genuinely fadeproof. It will not smear, even on the sweatiest summer day, yet it washes off with regular cleanser – without leaving me looking like Khal Drogo.” April Long loves Eye Do Liqud Eyeliner



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