Fashion Me Now: Cult Beauty Brands Worth Buying Into

“I love a good cult brand that is really specialised and becomes a bit of a one-stop shop for certain items. Case in point, Eyeko, the all-round eye makeup brand that has become one of my favourites when it comes to lashes, brows and lids. I love their long-wearing liquid brow liner and their liquid liner is the only one I can use to get a good feline flick these days. I’m a real ‘toucher’ when it comes to my face (not as weird and creepy as it sounds) and find most mascaras end up crumbling under my eye by the end of the day but Eyeko’s is one of the few I’ve found that stays put all day long. They have waterproof ones, sporty ones and one of my favourites is injected with caffeine which is good for stimulating growth in your lashes too. All-in-all, a great go-to brand if you’re in need of a new mascara or still haven’t quite found your cat-eye soul mate.”

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