InStyle: Bespoke Mascara at Saks Fifth Avenue NYC

“Have you ever dreamed of a world where you could order up the perfect mascara based on your lashes’ needs? Well, your fantasy of a made-to-measure blink has finally become a reality. Eyeko London has just launched Bespoke—the world’s first custom made mascara service. Beauty Intern Samantha Faragalli paid a visit to the Eyeko London counter at Saks Fifth Avenue in N.Y.C. to test it out.

I’ve always had fairly long lashes, but after experiencing just how beautiful (and convenient!) lash extensions are, I lost hope that I’d ever find a mascara that did the job as well—until I got a dose of Eyeko London’s Bespoke, that is. The genius concept allows you to create your own mascara formula. (Talk about putting individuality first.)

When I arrived to the counter, I was dazzled by the set up: Mascara tubes and brushes were lined up everywhere. Let’s just say I felt like the proverbial kid in a candy store. I was formally greeted and offered a one-on-one consultation, where I was asked exactly what I like and don’t like in a tube of mascara—all the way down to the type of brush.

We began by testing out the (many) brush options until we narrowed down the one that best suited my lashes. (You’d be surprised how certain brushes don’t work well for certain lashes.) Once the brush was picked, it was time to move on to the best part—creating my very own formula. As someone who is not fan of waterproof mascara, I went with a lightweight clump- and flake-free formula that combined lengthening, strengthening, and volumizing.

After my Eyeko consultant mixed my personally-created blend, it was given to me in a box personalized with my initials (they were equal parts glitzy and cute, I must add). The case even came with an exclusive Eyeko Shield to help avoid smudging during the application process. The coolest part? I got to imitate brand ambassador Alexa Chung’s signature pose (check us out above).”

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