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Why wear colored mascara?

Why wear colored mascara?
Ana Joyking
Writer and expert2 years ago
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We’re all about embracing effortless and natural makeup, and if there’s one essential makeup product we can always rely on (and maybe can’t live without) it’s mascara!  

This holy-grail product lifts, curls and adds definition to your lashes, giving a burst of confidence. Plus, it’s completely versatile: you can wear mascara alone, whether you’re running late or embracing a more natural look, or you can pair it with your favourite eyeshadow and eyeliner to complete your entire makeup look. There’s nothing mascara can’t do.   

With that said, why not delve into colored mascara? THE beauty trend that keeps making a comeback. With the release of our best-selling Lash Alert Mascara in four NEW shades, you can swap your traditional black mascara and add a twist with a pop of color to your look.  

Still not convinced? Keep reading to learn how and when to wear colored mascara, as well as the added benefits.   

Coloured mascara on models

Why wear colored mascara? 

Colored mascara is not only a way to switch up your entire look, but also will complement your eyeshadow, outfit and eye color. 

 Each of our NEW Lash Alert Mascara shades has its own purpose.  

  • Blue – a nod of blue mascara will make the whites of your eyes sparkle and appear whiter, making your eyes look bigger. 
  • Purple – a hint of purple mascara can complement and draw attention to your eye shape.  
  • Green – a pop of green mascara can enhance green tones in any eye color and complements all skin tones.   
  • Brown – a brown mascara is perfect for creating a natural look.   
Coloured mascara swatches

When to wear colored mascara? 

There are no set rules for colored mascara – we think it’s all about finding the colored mascara shade to suit you. That said, some colors are known to complement and enhance natural eye colors. We’ve written about using eyeshadow to flatter your eye color in the past, but this post will explain how the subtle Lash Alert colors are an easy way to enhance your effortless look.  

Blue mascara for brown eyes 

Believe it or not, the best colored mascara for brown eyes is blue. Not convinced about this pop of color? Blue mascara will not only draw attention to your eyes, but it’ll also brighten the whites of your eyes to make you look more awake and alert.   

If you’re still wary of color, why not try coating your lower lashes with Lash Alert Mascara in blue. This blue mascara will offer a significant contrast to your deep brown eyes but allow you to test the waters of colored mascara. Once you have found your color confidence, pair this blue mascara with Limitless Eyeshadow Palette 2 to combine complementary colors to your eye looks.   

Purple mascara for blue eyes 

Were you blessed with baby blues? The best colored mascara for blue eyes is to stick with a rich, deep color. A purple mascara will not only emphasise the whites of your eyes but make them appear larger. This deep shade will give a subtle contrast of light and dark and add definition to your lashes.   

Pair your purple mascara with an eye contour lookand apply a few coats of Lash Alert Mascara in Purple to enhance blue eyes further.  

Or, add a wing to your eyelids using Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner.  

Brown mascara for green eyes 

Green eyes are a rarity, and only 2% of the population have green eyes. By using brown mascara, you will emphasise your rare eye color further. A soft brown mascara on your eyelashes will bring out the color of your irises without being too heavy or too dark.   

Coat both your top and lower lashes with Lash Alert Mascara in Brown, then apply your preferred eye makeup look for a more natural approach to your go-to eye look. 

Green mascara for hazel eyes 

If you have hazel eyes, then congratulations, you hit the eye color jackpot: every color will flatter your eyes. With a mixture of gold and green, emphasise your hazel eye color using Lash Alert Mascara in Green. This green mascara is dark enough to add definition to your eyelashes and add a sharp contrast to the whites of your eyes, really bringing out the mixture of golden tones that hazel eyes have.   

To build your look, use our Limitless Eyeshadow Palette 1; the soft tones in this palette will let your green mascara do all the talking. To mix up your look, apply our original black Lash Alert Mascara to your lower lashes and Lash Alert Mascara in Green to your top lashes to create a two-toned eye look.   

Ana Joyking
Writer and expert
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