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The cut crease eyeshadow hack you need to try

The cut crease eyeshadow hack you need to try
Ana Joyking
Writer and expert2 years ago
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If there’s an easier way to do our eyeshadow, then we’re all for it. Sometimes it’s hard keeping up with the different eyeshadow trends and styles. Like a precise winged eyeliner or a sultry smoky eye, cut crease eyeshadow is another eyeshadow technique that sounds complicated but, once mastered, will become a staple in your makeup rolodex.

Cut crease eyeshadow is a popular technique using different colored eyeshadow to ‘cut’ across the crease of your eyelid, creating a distinct shadow. This contrast in color exaggerates your eye shape, giving the appearance of larger eyes. Perfect for neutral and nude tones (or when you’re more confident, this technique also looks great in bold hues).  

You’re not alone if you’ve found yourself searching: how to apply eyeshadow. Do you want to try creating the ultimate cut crease eyeshadow look? This viral TikTok hack shows how you can achieve cut crease eyeshadow using, your usual eye makeup products and... a SPOON.

If you haven’t come across the TikTok hack, this tutorial will tell you all you need to know about creating cut crease eyeshadow using this every-day item. To create this look, you will need: 

  • Limitless Eyeshadow Palette 2nude, neutral-toned eyeshadow palette featuring six highly pigmented, long-wearing shimmer and matte shades. 
  • Fluffy brush: for applying eyeshadow and blending. 
  • Blending brush: for blending eyeshadow to avoid harsh lines. 
  • Flat brush: to apply shimmer shades to your eyelid 
  • A spoon: a tablespoon works better for the technique to cover the entire eye. 
  • Mascara: a volumizing and lengthening mascara to complete the entire cut crease eyeshadow look. 

How to apply eyeshadow

Step one: prep the eye

To make sure your cut crease eyeshadow looks it's very best, make sure to follow a good skincare routine.  This will leave your eyelid feeling smooth and spotless.  

Step two: build your eyeshadow

To start the cut crease eyeshadow look, press the tablespoon to your eye. Then take a fluffy brush, and in the inner corner of the eye, below the brow (where the spoon sits), apply shade Morale, a light-medium nude from Limitless Eyeshadow Palette 2, using back and forth motions. Apply across the crease up to the arch of your eyebrow. This will create a sharp, curved line. 

Build on top of this shade using Peach, a slightly darker nude tone to build to the level of intensity based on what you want to achieve. Repeat this on your other eye. The second eye may be more challenging but, by keeping the spoon firmly in place, you should still have the same, sharp line.  

Step three: create a wing

Next, press the spoon's handle to the outer corner of your eye and hold it at a slight angle. Apply shade Morale above the handle (this should create a sharp line). Build upon this and create a sharp line near to the tail of your eyebrow (like winged eyeliner). Repeat on the other eye. 

Step four: blend

Once you have the shape of the cut crease eyeshadow, it’s time to blend. Using a blending brush, blend out the eyeshadow using circular motions until there are no harsh lines.  

Step five: add shimmer

Take a flat brush (or you can use your finger) and apply shade Moxie, a delicate golden shimmer highlight across your eyelid to create a sharp contrast to the defined lines.  

Step six: lashings of mascara

Apply Black Magic Mascara for instant volume and curl to your eyelashes to complete your cut crease eyeshadow look.

Ana Joyking
Writer and expert
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