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Alexa Chung Shares Her Beauty Essentials

"Chung admits she doesn't like makeup, but she did go to Sephora the day before. 'I got my Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner, and a cleanser.' 'my [...]

The Sunday Times Style: The Big Lash

"The humble hero tool to your best flutter yet. Clue: it's not mascara Eyelash curlers can make the difference between sleepy eyes and looking [...]

Elle: Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner

"This dextrous chubby pen delivers the big, bold lines necessary for a wide-eyed look." [...]

Cosmopolitan: Crazy Sexy Cool

"The fashion world has thrown us some insane lash looks for S/S 16. Inge put her pride aside and tried them out. Spiders from MarsTHE SELL: [...]


"You can swim at a resort in Tulum or tak ea vigorous spinning class— this waterproof formula will holdup without flaking or dripping.” —MAURA [...]

Cosmopolitan: The best multi-tasking makeup products for seriously lazy girls

"Eyeko's Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner is enriched with ingredients that help your lashes GROW LONGER while you wear it. The formula contains something [...]

Vogue: If You Must Use Face Wipes, Use These

"When face wipes arrived on the scene, make-up-wearers everywhere couldn't believe their luck. Promising to remove all make-up and impurities in a [...]

Women in Business: Nina Leykind, Founder of Eyeko

"Mascara is my must-have product, and I know it is a must-have for women around the world, which is why we wanted to immerse ourselves in such an [...]

Porter: Lash Magic

"FULL, FAT LASHESThe rule is, the fatter the brush, the fuller the lashes. Thsi rotund wand lives up to the maxim. Volumising lashes, while the gel [...]

People: Athleisure Beauty: Makeup for Your Next Sweat Session

"The “all-day activewear” trend doesn’t just stop at leggings and hoodies — your makeup bag is feeling the burn too, one waterproof mascara, [...]