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How to Choose The Best Mascara For Your Eye Colour

How to Choose The Best Mascara For Your Eye Colour
Josie Wilkins
Writer and expert2 years ago
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The day we're first introduced to the beauty world, we often begin with neutral, safe colors. As we grow more confident in applying makeup, we may start to venture with different shades of lipstick or eyeshadow, but the hue of black on our lashes usually remains unchanged. We presume by default that black is the best mascara color to choose for our eyes. This is because experimenting with different shades of mascara is often considered a bold, adventurous move that's left for the catwalks.

However, as the beauty industry evolves, it seems that learning how to choose a mascara color is now a significant step in finding the right eye makeup for you. While black still stands a safe, reliable option, it may not be the shade that will really accentuate your eyes with minimal effort.

From deep greens to warm browns, keep reading to discover how to choose a mascara color for your eyes.

What color mascara to choose for blue eyes

So let's begin by revealing what color mascara for blue eyes is the best way to make them pop. With light sky-colored eyes, you may have noticed by now that sometimes a jet black mascara can appear quite harsh. If you're looking to achieve a no makeup look, a brown colored mascara on blue eyes will give a far more natural result. Even Kylie Jenner herself once announced that she uses a brown shade of mascara for her bottom lashes to achieve a softer finish.

Having said this, using a brown colored mascara for blue eyes can also give dramatic impact for a night-time look too. Simply pair the mascara with an eyeshadow or liner which is a similar or a lighter shade of brown.

brown mascara tip

The chocolate-y undertone of Eyeko's Lash Alert Mascara in Brown will allow the whites of the eyes to stand out, making them look brighter and accentuating the blue iris. If you want the dark contrast that a black mascara would give, simply apply the black shade to the base of the lashes and coat the tips with the brown for a warm, subtle finish.

What colored mascara to choose for brown eyes

Moving on to the colored mascara best-suited for brown eyes, the shade of green is particularly flattering. As surprising as it may seem, green is very complimentary when paired with browns as it gives the eye a bright lift. That's not to say that you need to jump to a vivid, luminous lash. A deep green colored mascara for brown eyes can work to both darken and lengthen the appearance of lashes as well as giving off a hue to bring out the eye's natural color.

Eyeko's green shade of mascara is dark and subtle enough to wear comfortably on a day-to-day basis. However, when the sun hits against the lashes, the glimmer of green will instantly add a hint drama to long, lengthy lashes.

You can use a green colored mascara in two ways-

  1. You can coat the entire lash, from base to tip. This can switch up your look and help you to achieve a colored eye with minimal effort and steps.
  2. You can also apply a coat of black mascara then apply the green colored mascara from mid-lash to the tips. This tease of color will accentuate the brown and bring attention to your eyes.

Not quite brown yet not quite green, hazel eyes fall into their own unique category. However, they also pair particularly well with the color green but for a different reason. As hazel eyes have hints of green throughout, green mascara can really bring out these undertones and accentuate the color of the eye.

What colored mascara for green eyes to choose

If you are part of the rare 2% of the population with green eyes, consider yourself lucky! As we may have learned from childhood, there are certain colors that match well with each-other despite being opposites. The colored mascara for green eyes is a shade which sits opposite on the color wheel, purple.

Because of this contrast, a purple colored mascara is particularly flattering against green eyes. Again, Eyeko's shade of purple is dark enough for a subtle switch-up yet still gives hints of a deep lavender color to emphasize the green in the eyes.

To know how to choose a mascara color best suited for your eyes, the first point step is to go back to the color wheel. Some colors will naturally flatter each-other, some simply won't. What's more, using a colored mascara doesn't always have to result in a bold, dramatic look. Pair your colored lashes with a neutral lip and tah-dah! An effortless way to give your eyes the attention they deserve.

To complete your colored eye, why not add in some liner? Take a look at our guide on why you should wear color eyeliner, with all the information you need on how to perfect the look.

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Writer and expert
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