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OBSERVER STYLE: What Happens at a Bespoke Mascara Bar?

"In most cases, heading to a bar at 10 a.m. on a weekday is cause for concern. When the bar is located on the fifth floor of Saks Fifth Avenue and [...]

BUSTLE: Custom Mascara? Yep, Thanks To Eyeko & Saks NYC

"I have super hard to curl lashes. I like them long, curled, voluminous, and black as night. I have tried nearly every formula, brush, and brand, [...]

I'm obsessed: Brow Magic Brow Boost

"Welcome to I'm Obsessed, a daily video series with Angelique Serrano, InStyle's beauty director.  Though nailing bold, beautiful eyebrows is [...]


"We grill Nina Leykind, one half of mascara specialist Eyeko, on her love of the black stuff, plus why she's chosen Mayfair to base the company. [...]


"Insider advice from our Beauty Director, Alessandra Steinherr: Victoria is a Brazilian beauty editor, who also has the coolest blog. It's in [...]

DAILY MAKEOVER: Makeup Artists’ Best Tricks for Liquid Liner Beginners

"We’d wear liquid eyeliner every single day if we didn’t have to apply it ourselves. Though it definitely creates the best cat-eyes, it can be [...]