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It’s Official… We Have A New Star Sign!

It’s Official… We Have A New Star Sign!
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According to NASA's big announcement, we've been reading the wrong horoscope all this time. For centuries, humans have been memorised by the mysteries in our milky-way. From bright moons to epic explosions, there's no doubt our universe is an extraordinary place. And now, there's a new star sign in the mix, Ophiuchus, shifting the zodiac wheel as we know it! Keep reading to find out your new star sign here with Eyeko.

In today's world, many people dedicate their behaviours to horoscopes. Also known as zodiac signs, star signs are centred around an area in the sky known as zodiac. Zodiac is the annual path which follows the sun through star constellations. Earth's concentric movements within the north and south celestial sphere allow astrologists to specify certain objects in the zodiac sky. This indicates one way into how horoscopes are read. In our solar system, we are surrounded by trillions of stars, but some are more special to us than others.

There are now 13-star signs in astrology. Depending on what year, month, date and time you were born in will depend on which zodiac sign you fall into.

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Capricorn (January 20 - February 16)

Well-grounded and practical, Capricorn is an earth sign symbolised by the sea-goat. Very responsible, this star sign likes things done traditionally. Masters of self-control, it's no secret their ruler planet Saturn plays a bit part in their behaviours. Known to be unforgiving, Capricorns have very strong values when it comes to family and material goods. Additionally, their focused mindset is something that doesn't go unnoticed in work environments, showing independence and strong managerial skills.

Aquarius (February 16 - March 11)

Aquarius sits under the zodiac wheel as an air sign. Highly intelligent, this star sign shows personality traits of being eccentric yet shy. Deep thinkers, there's no doubt Aquarius resembles their ruler planet Uranus in being progressive and abrupt. Sometimes aggressive, their love for helping people makes them real softies at heart. Represented by the water-bearer, Aquarius are strongest when sailing alongside others. Although if the boat starts to go off course, be sure to give them time to restore power in themselves.

Pisces (March 11 - April 18)

Last in the zodiac wheel is the water sign Pisces. Gentle yet compassionate, this star sign's warm nature is one of their strongest qualities. Intuitive individuals, Pisces' fish symbol represents their constant divided thinking between fantasy vs reality. Ruled by the planet Neptune, their overly-trusting personality trait can let them down. However, Pisces are wise creatures and never judge, which is only a strength on their part being totally selfless with anyone who comes their way.

Aries (April 18th - May 13th)

Starting off the zodiac wheel, Aries is a star sign ruled by Mars. Confident and passionate, these individuals are born strong leaders and can be impulsive when they choose to be. Direct in approach, when not resembling their inner fire sign this star sign is playful, lively and fun. Easily frustrated by unnecessary nuances, you can't miss an Aries diving headfirst into any difficult situation.

Taurus (May 13th - June 21st)

Taurus falls under the earth element and is represented by the bull. Like their spirit animal, when confronted in a negative way red is the only colour they see. Gaining strong friendships but also fierce enemies, this star sign resembles devoted and reliable traits. Known to make mistakes but learn from them in later life, Taurus' ruler planet Venus emphasises their ability cherish loved ones yet be the voice of reason when needed.

Gemini (June 21st - July 20th)

Social butterflies of the group, Geminis juggle more than they can handle. Intelligent creatures, it's no surprise their kind nature helps them guide change. Sometimes questioned as being two-faced, the air sign rarely has a hidden agenda. If you come into contact with a Gemini, you'll notice their easy-going personality makes them perfect to have good conversations with whilst showing you how truly genuine they are.

Cancer (July 20th - August 10th)

Cancer is a water sign represented by the crab. Like their spirit animal, Cancers shield themselves under hard shells which means they can be perceived as cold or distant. Once you get to know them, this star sign quickly exposures it's gentle side. Highly intuitive, Cancers are compassionate creatures which wear their heart on their sleeve. Ruled by the moon, this connection influences their mood to change often however don't underestimate them. It's no doubt a classic Cancer 'gets' people and takes loyalty with friends very seriously.

Leo (August 10th - September 16th)

Like Aries, Leos are categorised under the fire sign. Born natural leaders, this star sign shows qualities of being passionate, warmhearted and stubbornness. Ruled by the sun, this connection enables them to unite people from all walks of life. Featuring their inner lion spirit animal through being dominating, clever and creative, Leos live up to their reputation as "the king of the jungle".

Virgo (September 16th - October 30th)

Caring creatures, Virgos pay attention to the little things in life. Similar to Taurus sitting in the zodiac wheel as an earth sign, their hardworking nature means this star sign loves to be organised. Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgos are excellent communicators but can often over analyse situations. Known to pursue careers in creative fields, their love for humanity indicates this star sign's likeability, always wanting to help people and works hard to make change happen.

Libra (October 30th - November 23rd)

Libras are peaceful, diplomatic and harmonising individuals. Under the element of air, this star sign likes the influence of others yet always stays true to what they believe in. Avoiding conflict wherever possible, their ruler planet Venus indicates Libras are great lovers, but can hold grudges and be indecisive. Represented by scales, this shows their ability to maintain balance which is something we could all learn from.

Scorpio (November 23rd - November 29th)

Like Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio falls under the water element. Assertive and resourceful, this star sign lives for experiences. Disliking anyone who is dishonest, you're guaranteed to get straight talk with a Scorpio. Ruled by the dwarf planet Pluto, this star sign carries qualities of being fierce, determined and brave. Although if you want a friend who's good at research and knows his facts, Scorpios your guy!

Ophiuchus (November 29th - December 17th)

A seeker of knowledge and wisdom, Ophiuchus carry personality traits between a Scorpio and Sagittarius. They are calm, open-minded, yet mysterious individuals. They like to dream and be rebellious, but also want success for themselves and for everyone else in their life. Best compatible with Leos and Geminis, Ophiuchus is associated as a fire sign from their nature to be spontaneous, passionate and loveable creatures.

Sagittarius (December 17th - January 20th)

Travellers of the sky, Sagittarius are known to be free, open-minded wanderers. Searching for the meaning of life, this fire sign carries optimism wherever they go. Ruled by the largest planet in our solar system Jupiter, Sagittarius shows characteristics of being enthusiasm and adventurous. Also undiplomatic, their fire sign plays a big part in their behaviours. Curious with a great sense of humour, Sagittarius' archer symbol emphasises their ability to follow truth and knowledge. This makes them great goal achievers always pursuing their dreams.

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