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Meet… Nicola Kate

Writer and expert10 years ago
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Meet Nicola Kate one of instagram's rising stars! She took over the Eyeko instagram to share all the gorgeous looks she created with our new Visual Eyes.Read up here on her tips & tricks and more!

Who are your biggest make-up influencers?I tend to prefer keeping my own makeup fairly simple and am often influenced by the timeless makeup styles that can usually be seen worn by celebrities such as Dita Von Teese, Lana Del Rey and the old classics like Marilyn Monroe. However, I do love experimenting with colour and put this to good use by incorporating it into my Instagram posts.

What is it about instagram that you enjoy?I love being able to share my passion and connect with so many other makeup-lovers so easily all in one place. It's a big community where everybody is always so friendly and encouraging towards one another. Instagram is also my number 1 source to gain a lot of inspiration from other artists as there is always something fresh and new to be discovered. I've also discovered a lot of amazing brands that I otherwise hadn't heard of thanks to Instagram!

Who do you love following on instagram i.e your MUA-instagram inspirations?I adore artists such as chrisspy, celine_bernaerts, lora_arellano, the Pixiwoo sisters and alyssamarieartistry as these are all people that I constantly finding myself going back to whenever I'm feeling uninspired. Following brand accounts that share images from other MUA's - such as eyeko - is also important to me as this is one of the easiest ways to discover new talent.

What would your tips be to someone who wants to be a make-up artist?Don't let yourself get disheartened by comparing your own skills to somebody else's when you're first starting out. We all have a vision of what we want to achieve and online tutorials and such are great for a little guidance, but people tend to forget that everybody is totally different and what might be easy for one person may be a complete challenge to somebody else. So try and avoid getting too frustrated if things don't work out how you expected the first time round! Experiment through trial and error to help discover what truly works best for you as an individual and to develop your own personal methods and skills. There are no set rules when it comes to makeup, so stick at it, keep it up and you'll soon discover your own path in the makeup world.

How should someone get started on a blog or instagram?Make sure you put in the effort to try and connect with the MUA's that you already know and love to help gain a little recognition for yourself. Don't be intimidated or put off trying to reach out to them as everybody has to start somewhere and even the Instagrammer's with the most followers all had to start out the same way. Try and get the best quality photos that you can achieve to draw in a good audience and also remember that it's polite to try and reply to those who take the time to comment on your photographs. This might not always be easy or possible when you reach a certain number of followers, but they will appreciate you taking your time to try and connect with them.

Who is your beauty crush right now?I'm currently really big on highlighting and contouring, and of course one of the ladies currently known best for her highlight and contour in the makeup world is Kim Kardashian. I'm a big fan of all of the Kardshasian sister's makeup styles but I'm usually on the lookout for what new tricks Kim has up her sleeve.

What is the one make-up tip you wish you could teach?The question I probably get asked the most is how I create my winged eyeliner, but when I was first getting started with makeup I found out the hard way that this isn't a skill that you can pick up overnight. I have a couple of guides demonstrating a few methods to help simplify liner application, but the key to perfection is practice, practice and practice some more! If there was anything that I could teach right off the bat, it would definitely be that.


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Writer and expert
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