Guest Mascara Editor: Roxie Nafousi

YOGA WATERPROOF MASCARA – I am a yoga addict and this mascara is perfect because it doesn’t smudge down when you start to sweat – leaving you looking like a hot mess after class! I’m also OBSESSED with the shape of the brush, it keeps your lashes separated for a natural appearance whilst still giving them volume and thickness to really make your eyes stand out! Shop Yoga Waterproof Mascara here

MASCARA OFF WIPES – One of my pet hates in life is taking of my mascara, it seems no matter how much I try to get it off, I’ll still come out the shower with black stains under my eyes. These mascara off wipes are my saviour and make my whole cleansing process is SO much quicker and easier! Shop the Mascara Off Wipes here

BROW GEL – Ever since Cara Delevigne hit the scene with her famous brows, I have been on a personal mission to get bushy brows and it’s been a long journey. I’ve finally discovered Eyeko’s Brow Gel and I absolutely LOVE it for giving me thick, luscious brows. When I go to the gym, this and my Yoga Waterproof Mascara are all I need! Shop Brow Gel here

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