Mascara and Eyeliner Tutorials

1 Mascara, 3 Brushes

“So whats really cool and innovative about this mascara is that it comes with one mascara and 3 brushes.
I like big, dramatic false looking lashes without wearing fake lashes. This mascara really does deliver, you can use the wands separately or if you’re like me and want the whole shebang; you want it all; you want them as dramatic as can be, you can use them all together or mix and match and customise to your liking.

I have a couple of tips before you apply your mascara that will really make a difference.
First of all add a little bit of liner behind your lashes to automatically make them look thicker and fuller.
Always curl your lashes – it makes the hugest difference ever! I am super picky when it comes to mascara and have been using this mascara daily for the last month.”



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