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If you want to trial a mascara to make sure it's the one for you, fear not. We have our travel size mascara that allows you to do exactly that. These handy, mini-versions of our bestselling mascaras are also perfect for those on the go, taking up minimum space in your travel bag or hand luggage. Choose between the lifting and curling Lash Alert, the budge-proof Sport Waterproof, or the Iconic Black Magic. Each of these travel size mascaras serves a different purpose for your lashes, whether you're looking to add a natural enhancement, a reliable coating or a hint of drama.
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Why Eyeko's Travel Size Mascara?

Eyeko's range of travel size mascaras is the perfect way to test out our bestselling mascaras to discover which one is the perfect fit for you. Always cruelty-free and made with nourishing formulas, these mini mascaras work to condition your eyelashes whilst adding a voluminous flutter.