Step 1

Using the comb groom brow hairs into a shape you desire, observing if there are any hairs that are too long. 

Step 2

If you have any long brow hairs, take the scissors and press against the skin above the brow to give stability before lightly trimming the lengths.

Step 3

Next use tweezers to remove any stray hairs in the middle of the brows, above the bridge of the nose. Concentrating only on the underneath sections, tweeze away any stray hairs from beneath the brows, ensure you do not take any away that will disrupt your natural brow curve and shape.

Step 4

If you have any gaps in the brow, use the angled brush with your favourite brow product to lightly fill in. Pressing the brow blade against the skin, lightly move along to remove any stray hairs above and to the sides of the brows for a clean, sharp look.

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