How to create the perfect Fluffy Brow

A fluffy brow is all about creating texture, but unlike a laminated brow, this texture should look soft and fringe like. You can also change the amount of colour product you put in the fluffy brow, to make it as strong or as natural as you want it to be.

STEP ONE - First step is to comb through your brows, this is just to initially groom them, but also to see where you need to put colour products, for example if there are any sparse areas.

STEP TWO - Take your favourite coloured brow product, this can be a pen, pencil or any kind of coloured wax/gel. You can use the Define It Brow Pencil as it allows you to build up the colour. To keep this look natural just fill in where there are gaps or for a stronger look, fill in the brow, by creating depth at the bottom of the brow but not so much at the top, as we want to ensure we can see the hairs as opposed to a block of colour.

STEP THREE - Use brow gel, like Clear Brow Gel or Tinted Brow Gel from Eyeko. Starting in the middle of the brow, brush upwards and at an angle so you can see the fluffy ends of the brow hairs pointing up against you skin. Follow by doing the same for the brow tail, this time combing downwards but still at angle so you can see the hairs.

STEP FOUR - Focus on your inner corner, you want this to have the least amount of product on so it doesn’t look strong, but you do need to ensure that brow hairs are pointing directly upwards to create the fluffy texture we need. Once the brow gel is dried you can go back in with the pencil if you feel like you need more definition.
Create the Fluffy Brow Look with Eyeko

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