Bold Brow

The Bold Brow allows you to take your brows from a feature to the key focus of your entire makeup look. It’s probably the most technical of all the brows looks, but can be easily achieved regardless of your natural brow shape or size.

STEP ONE - Start first by combing brows, then using concealer or foundation, applying it around the brow, this will help to create a crisp, sharp look, and will make the brow stand out.

STEP TWO - Next taking a brow pencil, like our Micro Brow Precision Pencil and filling in the brows completely, starting initially at the middle and working towards the end of the brow. When filling the brows in you are not only applying product in the gaps but covering the skin beneath the brow.

STEP THREE - Next define the brow by creating a solid line on the top and bottom of the brow, creating a clean shape, you can if you wish go a slightly above the brow to create more height and volume. At the inner corner of the brow, you fill the bottom section but don’t square it off at the top, instead leave it looking feathered, this will ensure the look is not too harsh and severe.

STEP FOUR - Next take a clear or tint brow gel, like Brow Gel – Tinted and comb through brows, this will keep brows in place and the sheer colour will add further depth to this bold look. To make brows stand out even more, you can some highlighter, like our Spotlight Highlighter Pencil and add some light shimmer to the bottom arch of the brow.

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