These are the important makeup expiry timelines you should know

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If we can agree on anything, it’s that 2020 didn’t really require us to commit to a daily makeup routine. When hours are spent on virtual meetings and you’re spending most days in the same four walls, committing to your makeup routine may have felt like an unnecessary step in your day-to-day.  

The good news: you’re not alone. With most of us employing a simple or more subtle makeup look over the past 12 months, there’s a good chance some of your favorite makeup products have gone past their expiry date.  

Whether you’re de-cluttering your makeup bag or striving for a more minimal approach to your usual routine, the below makeup guidelines are a great way to ensure you’re using your products during their most optimal time after opening and reducing any unnecessary waste. You can find the shelf life after opening by locating the below ‘period after opening’ symbol. This will include the number of months your product can be used after opening. 

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Below, find the estimated shelf life of your favorite eye makeup products including our recommendations to update your makeup bag. 


When a mascara’s shelf life runs out, you’ll find the formula looks clumpy and begins to dry out. Our innovative squeezy-tube technology means you can use up our best-selling mascara before it expires, reducing waste and saving your hard-earned money. Another hack for keeping your mascara looking perfect: regularly clean your mascara wand to prevent product build up and clumping.  


If you notice your liquid and pencil eyeliner has faded or has a strange smell, these are often good indicators that it’s time to toss your holy grail product and refresh your kit. To prolong your favorite pencil and liquid eyeliners, make sure you always replace the cap tightly. There is one exception to the sixmonth rule, if you have an eye infection, replacing your eyeliner immediately will help reduce the opportunity for another infection to occur.


Loved for their easy eyeshadow application and versatility, our Double Act Shadow Sticks also last up to two years after opening. Whether you’re adding subtle definition to the eye or a pop of color, our easy eyeshadow sticks are super blendable, buildable and intuitive to use. Stay on top of your eyeshadow game by regularly sharpening your pencil for precise and targeted application. 


A team Eyeko London favorite, our Galactic Lid Glosses are a makeup bag must have, perfect for taking any eyeshadow look to the next level. These creamy, shimmer eyeshadows are easy to use and apply for a targeted boost of sparkle. That said, due to the creamy formula, these eyeshadows are best used in the first six months after opening. Is there any better excuse to add a bit of sparkle to your every-day look? 


One of our most loved products, our Brow Gel is loved for its medium hold and subtle tint. Easy-to-apply, our Brow Gel is guaranteed to give you eyebrow goals for up to six months after opening. To ensure you’re keeping your gel at its highest quality, always keep the lid tightly secured. What’s even better? Our eyebrow gel also comes in a squeezy tube so you’re certain to make the most of every drop. 

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Krista Thurrott

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