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"This easy-to-use tinted brow gel makes grooming my unruly caterpillars daily exponentially easier. I can just swipe it on and they're automatically tamed, taking all of the brushing and filling in work off my plate. It's also allowed me to stretch out my time between threadings a little more without looking like a damn wooly mammoth." — Taylor Bryant, beauty news editor

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13 OCT


'"I watch makeup tutorials," says makeup artist Lisa Butler, "and I think, heavy contouring might work for girls holding their phones up to their faces with very bright contrast, but in real life, it would look ridiculous." 

Her runway rebuttal at the Isabel Marant show: "Makeup for the woman who says, 'Selfie? Please, let's move on.'" That woman, of course, is Isabel herself, who designs all the clothes, tests out the runway shoes before approving them for sale, and eschews heavy hair and makeup in favor of messy buns and barely-there fixes.

Add a swipe of Eyeko Brow Gel "to sculpt them a bit and make them stay up without looking so filled in that they get like Brooke Shields" and you're done—no mascara, no lipstick.'

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12 OCT


"It's always a delicate balance making your eyebrows appear effortlessly groomed with brow sculpting products, but avoiding the feeling that you've got caterpillars stuck to your forehead (or is this just me?!). This Eyeko Brow Gel would definitely suit those of you who have a pronounced shape already - the thicker the better really, as the gel needs to grip onto something. For less bushy glossies, I would suggest a bit of prep work with the Brow Liner, followed by the Brow Magic Brow Boost, to give a little more definition, and then finally adding the gel for the finishing touch. The great thing about this gel is that a little definitely goes a long way so you'll get good mileage out of it and fabulouse, glossy looking eyebrows to match."

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18 SEP


"Some have too much tinted gel, some have too little but Eyeko's latest brow enhancer deposits the perfect amount (and colour) to define and bulk up every little hair with a natural-looking sheen."

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04 SEP


"Full arches are still trending, but brushing hairs straight up is equally key for fall's runway brows. To get the look at Isabel Marant, makeup artist Lisa Butler recommends using a dry spoolie to coax hairs up and outward. Then, with a powder in a shade that's just lighter than your own brows, draw a straight line through the middle of each brow and blend. From there, fill any sparse spots with a sharp eyebrow pencil, and sweep on a tinted gel to set."


17 AUG


"Plenty of us long to simplify our beauty routines. But, while we love the idea of making things easier, it’s not as simple as cleaning out our cosmetic bags. (Hey, we’re not going to give up all of our fave products and suddenly go au naturel for the sake of simplicity.) Some of us either really like wearing makeup, or have some issues with our skin that make going completely bare a not-so-alluring option. That doesn't mean you have to use a ton of products or cake on layer upon layer of makeup to cultivate your preferred look. The trick to keeping it simple? Edit, edit, edit — and learn some killer techniques.

To help you cut your morning prep in half (hello, extra sleep), we polled a few makeup experts for their favorite shortcuts to achieve top beauty looks faster and better. Their tips run the gamut from application tricks, to targeted tools, to multitasking products. Hack your heart out.

You want: defined brows

The hack: tinted brow gel or brown mascara

How it works: If your brows are in good shape, you can streamline your grooming with one multitasker, say our pros. Either product will thicken your arches, add color, and keep hairs in place."

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18 JUN


We love meeting up with London’s top beauty eds especially when they let us loose on their brows.

As everyone knows brows frame your peepers and our latest launch Eyeko Brow Boost is the perfect finishing touch.

The blend of botanical fibres combined with natural waxes, boosted with Vitamins B & E plus a shot of caffeine ensures that every brow from sparse to bushy looks eyemazing!

For a truly plumped up, 3D brow look the fibres attach to the brow in a few quick strokes for a natural look that never looks painted on.

Check out Stylist Beauty Editor Shannon Peter who naturally has a bolder brow style but with a few patchy areas that are gone in the blink of an eye with just one application of Eyeko Brow Boost.

We swooped into Sunday Times Style offices to give Beauty Director Edwina Ings-Chambers a quick eye-do filling in her brows and giving her a lashes a boost in under a minute.

How we love the Vogue team who take their beauty very seriously and are always up on rocking the latest trends like the Frida Kahlo mono-brow. Lottie Winter was so impressed with her brow make-over she couldn’t wait to get to grips on editor Lauren Murdoch-Smith. Lols! Beauty with a sense of humour just how we like it.

Available in two buildable shades Light to Medium and Medium to Dark. Checkout our Brow How-To Video and get your BROW GAME STRONG!



17 JUN



28 APR