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"She makes some of our favorite mascara on the planet (even the packaging is fab!), has fashion-icon Alexa Chung star in her ad campaigns, and jet-sets around the globe like a true professional, so naturally we needed to know every little detail about the travel-habits of the gorgeous Nina Leykind, founder of cosmetics brand Eyeko (and all-around ‘cool girl’). Our verdict: better than we could have imagined.

City you call home?

How often do you travel?
A lot! I’m on a plane every other week, for work mainly, but I always tag on a fun trip or visit whenever I travel.

How many countries have you visited?
By asking me this question you’ve made me literally sit down and do a list! From what I can recall it’s 40+!

What are your in-flight travel essentials?
Cashmere, blankets, jumpers and socks! Swedish lip balm Hudsalva—it’s so natural you can cook with it! Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patches and Mascara Off Wipes for in-flight pampering and Eyeko Lash Curlers and Black Magic Mascara for putting my eyes back on for landing. 

What beauty-essentials do you travel with?
I love any lip balm from La Mer to Swedish Hudsalva for soft lips, Chanel Les Beiges Powder Compact SPF15 for an instant glow, Visine Eye Drops to literally beat the red eye, Eyeko Hydrogel Patches for wide awake eyes (whatever the time zone) and to combat salty plane food, Eyeko Black Magic Mascara (it goes with everything!), and Eyeko Lash Curlers (a must to lift my lashes and hold the curl). 

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21 DEC


"Established in 1999, Eyeko reinvented the mascara game by creating an "eye wardrobe" of formulas and brushes with the benefits of long-term lash care for every woman and occasion. Since then, beauty tastemakers like Alexa Chung have become involved with the brand, helping to skyrocket its cool factor. If you're in New York City, be sure to pop into the Eyeko Bespoke Bar at Saks Fifth Avenue for a lash analysis and consultation; you'll walk away with a custom tube of mascara."

The mascara you need: Eyeko Black Magic Mascara."

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05 NOV


"An unrivalled, full flutter with one swoosh of this lengthening mascara."


09 SEP


To add fullness and drama:
Black Magic Mascara combined with Rock Out & Lash Out Mascara make for killer lashes.
Starting with Black Magic brush through from roots to tip allowing the helix brush to make full lash contact adding instant definition by lifting and separating lashes with just one coat. Add the rest of the colour on the wand to bottom lashes before going back into the tube to add another coat. Follow this with a third and final coat going vertical with our unique guitar-shaped wand in Rock Out & Lash Out to add a sooty flutter to upper lashes focusing on the outer lashes building in curl and allowing the unique thickening powders to adhere to lashes. When your mascara is just shy of being dry use your fingertips to lift and curl which will set the look.

To add lash extensions:
Love the look of lash extensions but wary of the price tag and the damage to your natural lashes then meet Eyeko Lash Boost - brush on fibre extensions that add instant length and volume in seconds. Best used with Eyeko Black Magic Mascara, first add one coat of mascara then as you look down into a mirror brush Lash Boost to lash tips only so they adhere to mascara whilst it’s still wet. Seal with another coat of mascara. Master the look by using a light hand and light touch to ensure the perfect flutter. Want more volume? Target Lash Boost midway. Want a cat eye effect? Target Lash Boost to outer lash corners.


To add a waterproof topcoat:
Pick your favourite Eyeko Mascara and finish coat of Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara to weatherproof you lashes. Come rain or shine your mascara will stay put no matter what. Bonus! Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara contains fibres to give your lashes a boost.



13 AUG


"The Products Kylie Jenner Uses To Get Gorgeous

Eyeko Lash Wardrobe
The reality star is also known for her lush, dramatic lashes, so it’s no surprise that Scheppy used a whole box of these gorgeous falsies for the awards. (Though Kylie recently told Grazia UK that she gets all of her strip lashes from CVS — see, even the rich and (in)famous love a solid drugstore deal.) Other favorites from the brand include the Eyeko + Alexa Chung Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner and the Eyeko Black Magic Mascara, both of which Ky’s showed off on her Instagram."

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22 MAY