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"Jenner’s sultry makeup look is as wearable on the red carpet as it is in real life, namely for those upcoming holiday parties, so we got the step-by-step breakdown straight from the pro so you could try your hand at the effect!

'To complement Kylie’s sexy burgundy dress, we decided to play up both the eyes and lips for a come-hither look,' says the star’s makeup artist Rob Scheppy. He began by contouring Jenner’s lids with Eyeko’s Me & My Shadow in Chocolate, and blended the tawny brown hue into her crease with the dual-sided brush to add dimension. After a few pumps of the lash curler, he added a layer of Eyeko Black Magic Mascara before picking up a set of faux lashes."

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25 NOV


"With so many lash looks to choose from, one mascara no longer fits all. My advice, gleaned from years of research, is this: the more bristly and tangled the brush, the more it will coat every hair and add thickness (try Eyeko Black Magic Mascara)."


05 NOV


"Mornings are always such a rush with the school run and breakfast meetings, so I tend to leave the house with nothing but mascara on. That’s why all my bags have several liquid eyeliner pens rattling around the bottom! Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner is perfect for tight lining, which is when you just run the pen across the upper waterline for instant lash definition, and Visual Eyes Mocha is a must for a quick kitten flick. Sport Waterproof Mascara is brilliant as a topcoat to my current wardrobe of mascaras: Skinny Brush for length, especially on those bottom lashes, and Black Magic for adding curl to outer lashes and pitch-black color. Sport locks it all in and lets me add another coat for party time without clumping."

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30 OCT


"Remember my browgel that I have been mention plenty of times here on The Wall? One of my favorite products in my beauty bag? I am glad to share that if you choose to subscribe on STYLEBY you will not only get the (best ever) browgel, you will also get their eyeliner and mascara. How about that?"

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17 JUN


"Wonderland have teamed up with make-up brand Eyeko to create an exclusive video.

Eyeko has become the go-to brand for eyes. Created by beauty veterans Max and Nina Leykind, its range of mascaras and liners is favoured by celebrities and acclaimed make-up artists alike. According to style icon and Eyeko creative consultant, Alexa Chung, it’s the definitive edit for eyes: “Eyeko is the best in creating my favourite look.” For Wonderland Magazine acclaimed Make-up artist Liz Pugh and photographer Felicity Ingram translated Eyeko’s latest launches into a series of tight head shots show casing a variety of subversive yet beautiful make-up looks, ahead of the forthcoming Me & My Shadow” collection, out this June."


16 MAY


Acclaimed make-up artist Liz Pugh picked Eyeko as her beauty edit for Wonderland magazine this month.

The theme was culture clash which photographer Felicity Ingram translated into a series of tight head shots show casing a variety of subversive yet beautiful make-up looks.With Mariah Carey as the cover star for Wonderland our beauty pages were appropriately titled #Beautiful. It’s always exciting working with Liz and we got to play around with a lot of new as-yet-to-launch Eyeko products including our automatic gel eyeliners Making Eyes and our Lash Wardrobe. And of course at the end of the shoot we took it all off with Eyeko Mascara Off Wipes!

Read on for our exclusive interview with Liz…

How would you explain the inspiration for the shoot?

It was really great to do a shoot concentrating just on eyes and different ways to wear your liner, I was inspired by Penelope Tree, Twiggy, early images of Cher, Peggy Moffit. I loved the idea of wearing an eyeliner in a different place, using it to create drama on the eyes, using it instead of eye shadow.

What's your tip for great lashes?
More is more! I love to layer mascaras, mostly Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara then extend the lashes out using Black Magic on the outer lashes, teasing them outwards, gives the illusion of wider eyes.

What's your trick for getting wide-awake eyes?
I love Eyeko's new Making Eyes in Powder Pink (launching May 2014), drawn along the waterline and a touch blended into the inner corner of the eyes. It is a beautiful shade, and much softer than using a white pencil. A real eye opener. Lash curlers are always a must for giving wide-awake eyes. A little kitten flick will always lift the eyes and of course Mascara, to the top lashes only.

What's your fail safe eye make up look for evening?
A classic eyeliner always looks good and will flatter everyone, no need for shadows, just a gorgeous liner to the top lashline with a kitten flick and lots of mascara. If I am in a mega hurry I will reach for the Making Eyes in Pitch Black and smudge into the lashline and waterline.

What is the most exciting Eyeko product?
I love the new lashes (launching June 2014), I used them on the shoot and love the fact in each pack you get a few different looks. The band is fine and flexible so easy to apply. I am a big fan of the Brow Gel, having the added bonus of helping my over threaded brows grow back! And can’t do without any of the Eyeko mascaras, as a makeup artist it is important to find a mascara you can apply and trust it won’t move, so important for red carpets when you leave your client at the hotel and are not around for touch ups. It won’t flake or smudge, an essential in my kit. What beauty secret would you share with every woman? Don’t be afraid to try things, experiment, after all it is only makeup and if you don’t like the look its easy to remove and try another! And invest in a pair of eyelash curlers!

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14 MAY


Yes clumpy mascara is a thing!  We spied the trend at fashion week A/W14 where make-up supremo Pat McGrath stated it was all about 'lashes, liner and brows.'  For Prada she applied imperfect mascara which looked surprisingly pretty.

Be sure to keep the rest of your make-up light and dewy to pull off clumpy lashes ensuring your look is youthful not doubtful!



13 MAY


We catch up with one of our favourite beauty vloggers, actress Teni Panosian, the make up maven behind Miss Maven!  Read all about her desert island must-haves; how she spends her down-time and her beauty predictions for the year ahead. 


What do you think is going to be the biggest makeup look for this season?

Creative liner looks. Whether it's your standard black or an eye-catching vibrant color, it was all over the runways. The mod liner look is especially hot right now; paired with a pastel lip it's perfect for the season!

What's your biggest extravagance?
Massages. I get them often! I work 7 days a week so it's my one window of time every few weeks to check out for about 90 minutes!

What's your greatest achievement to date?
All of my achievements are tied to one another, neither are exclusive of the other, so I would say my greatest achievement is having done all of it by myself! I'm very proud of that.

In what place are you happiest?
On the couch with my dogs in my lap. Nothing redirects my thoughts like my animals.

Who is your biggest beauty crush right now?
Kate Beckinsale. Always flawless.

What would be your desert island Eyeko product?
The Eyeko Black Magic Mascara. It's just perfect in every way!! 

If you could teach someone a single beauty trick what would it be?
Highlighting. Adding a touch of glow to the top of the cheekbones and extending out toward the temples can bring so much life to your face.

Your favourite youtube videos featuring Eyeko?
I always love Pixiwoo's videos using Eyeko, as well as Lisa Eldridge considering she's such a highly regarded makeup artist. I also love Mortem3r's Smokey Cat Eye video using Eyeko, she does a nice job of creating dramatic and sleek looks!


Connect with Teni - Miss Maven



07 MAR