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18 APR

How would you describe your signature make-up style and how do Eyeko and the products reflect that?
I’m definitely highly influenced by sixties make-up. When I look at those images, I just think that they are the most flattering combination of things for a woman. All of the women look so beautiful and there must definitely be something in that eye shape.

Eyeko are the experts of eye make-up and sensed that I would gravitate towards their sort of brand. I was using one of their eyeliners at the time and it was being used on me at shoots too. I’m always looking for the perfect eyeliner because I used to use the pot with the brush, but because I travel so much it’s inconvenient for me to take that with me (most of my handbags are now lined with black smudges!). I had breakfast with Max (Leykind, co-owner of Eyeko) and he said, ‘You can do whatever you want! Won’t that be fun?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah! Of course!’ Working with Eyeko is similar to if I was Tom Hanks in Big.

Which products would you recommend for removing your eye make-up?
Sisley do a lovely foaming cleansing gel that turns into a mousse when you put it on and I also use a Shu Uemura oil. What I most frequently use though is Dove soap!

Where did the idea for doing the poster and the kit come from?
I came up with idea of doing the tube and having the poster because when I was younger I always used to enjoy gimmicks like that and I loved having posters on my wall. At home I’d put up pictures of women that inspired me and have a mood board. I wanted to create something that people could hang up somewhere in their office, on their fridge or anywhere like that and then the tube, the products and the tissue paper all followed from that. I’m very very happy with it.

Who’s on your mood board?
Debbie Harry, Iggy Pop, Keith Richards, Metallica, Matt Hitt and my friends.

What future collections do you have in the pipeline with Eyeko?
We’re already talking about the next thing that we’re going to work on. With this particular collection, it was about me cherry-picking my favourite products from the existing make-up range and then re-launching that and thinking of a way to make it my own, whereas moving forward I’ll have more of an input in product development. A range of shadow pens is a possibility.


Interview by Ayesha Muttucumaru from Get The Gloss



16 APR

"Eyeko's easy-to-use felt tip liners just got even better; the waterproof formula will stay put all day long. The precision brush tip makes for super-easy application, and you can pick from ebony, mocha or marine hues."



16 APR

"If you would asked me which item in my cosmetic bag I wouldn’t be able to live without for the moment it would be this exact one. Ever since day one I have been obsessed with this eye brow gel. It’s one of those products I use everyday and something I wouldn’t to be without. This gel helps to define the brows in a modest way. Be careful when applying the gel though, so you get just the right amount. Other than that, it’s good to go. Say hello to your new defined brows ladies."




07 APR

There's a lot of buzz around contouring to change the planes of your face in the beauty world right now and so we wanted to adapt the concept to eyeliner! Change your eye shape with just a flick of the wrist.


Apply liner to the waterline top and bottom to add definition and make eyes pop.


Wing liner up and out on the upper lash line and apply a fine line along the inner corner only to lift the eye upwards.


Focus liner on the outer corners of your eyes to lift up and out.


Apply a thick line across upper lids starting from the inner corner to bring eyes closer together.




07 APR

"Alexa Chung, as well as being a style influencer, is creatively influencing the beauty launches of cult UK brand Eyeko too. These Visual Eyes Liners are brand new, really very good, and pretty much fool-proof. And Alexa endorsed of course - the master of the feline flick - so she knows."



07 APR

"EYEKO has had a steady following since its launch 15 years ago, but it's over the past twelve months that the brand has really hit gold. A refresh last year saw it reduce its edit to just three mascaras and a liner - plus the very lucrative signing of Alexa Chung as creative consultant - and now Eyeko is reaping the benefits of its new focus. Last night, we joined founders Nina and Max Leykind at a dinner hosted with Chung at London's Soho Hotel to celebrate the brand's success."



02 APR

We’re super excited to introduce Eyeko Visual Eyes to our liner wardrobe. Now we have 4 unique liners to create a variety of looks to suit your style. Not sure which one is for you? See our guide below.

Waterproof, Brush Tip Precision
Our finest brush tip yet! Even if you’re a cat eye novice you can get a handle on this.
No need to twist up as the ink is free-flowing, just pop on the cap and give it a shake to release more fluid.
Waterproof colour available in 3 flattering shades Ebony, Mocha and Marine.
Perfect for beginners! Perfect for use on top of eye shadow! Perfect for fine detail to accentuate your eyes!

Waterproof, Lash Enhancing, Carbon Black
Award-winning liner with WIDELASH TM to improve the appearance of your lashes in just 15 days.
Created with Alexa Chung it’s easy to create her signature cat eye as the sponge tip glides on even over shadow.
Perfect for a bold cat eye! Perfect for use over eye shadow! Our blackest liner yet!


Waterproof, Brush Tip, Doseable Colour
Our pro-liner features fluid colour that doubles up as eye shadow. Twist up to release liquid and work from your hand like a true make-up artist or blend out on the lid. With a choice of 2 pearl infused shades get creative with Black Onyx and Rose Gold. Brush across lashes for a subtle gleam or use as highlighter!
Perfect for dramatic looks! Perfect for use over eye shadow or as eye shadow! Perfect for make-up artists!


Smudgeproof, Long Wear, Precision Point Perfection
Our classic sponge tip liner is best used on oil-free lids to create a multitude of looks from kitten flicks to cat eyes.
Now an award-winner and a great introduction to liquid eyeliner - it’s a pen which makes it ultra easy to use.
Perfect for cat eyes! Perfect for precision! 



01 APR

"Mastering the perfect cat eye or winged out graphic liner is something that manages to elude many of us. As the famous meme states never ask a girl with winged liner why she's late! Matching up the flicks; finding symmetry in the lines and ensuring colour is neither too thick or thin makes liquid eyeliner a challenge. But once you find the eyeliner that works for you and your lifestyle it's easy to embrace the look. Let's start off with a favourite and utterly mistake-proof liner look, tightlining!"