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About Us

"Established in 1999 Eyeko is the bespoke cosmetics label, devised by makeup veterans and partners Max and Nina Leykind, created for your eyes only. Favoured by stars and celebrities Jennifer Lawrence, Salma Hayek, Clara Paget and Gemma Arterton all adore the range's internationally stocked, innovative products and critically acclaimed makeup artists Lisa Eldridge, Polly Osmond and Kay Montano all use Eyeko in their kit." i-D 


With Eyeko, Chung is advising the brand on products. “It’s a creative relationship,” she said of the company, “I send images and different inspirations to Max and Nina and we go from there. It’s quite free form at the moment.”

“She’ll e-mail us in the middle of the night and say, ‘Hey, what about this, such a cool name for a product,’” said Nina Leykind. “I don’t think it would work if we weren’t on the same wavelength.”

For the Leykinds, no other spokesperson would have been acceptable. “We’ve been fans of Alexa’s for a long time, and we were like, ‘She’s an eye freak like us,’” said Max Leykind. “She’s as obsessed as we are.”

“The cover of my book is actually an eyeball,” interjected Chung. (More specifically: a blue eye dead center on a pink cover.)  WWD




 @makingeyes (Max Leykind)


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