Introducing: Off In A Blink Eye Makeup Remover

Off In A Blink Eye Makeup Remover

It’s that time of year when we’re all taking a good look at our skincare shelves. If you’re looking to replace your makeup remover or try something new, you need to meet our latest launch: Off In A Blink Makeup Remover 

Suitable for sensitive eyes, this new product gently removes stubborn eye makeup, revealing clean lashes and complexion around the eye area, leaving skin feeling refreshed.  

Offering a more sustainable alternative to traditional makeupremoving face wipes, this biphasic formula effortlessly removes eye makeup, including our very own cult-favouritewaterproof mascaras and eyeliners. 


A bi-phasic waterproof makeup remover, Off In A Blink is easy to useThis formula consists of two layers: a non-polar oily layer and a polar water-based layer. When shaken, the layers combine to become a high-performance makeup removing solution. As specialists in eye makeup, this innovative ingredient technology helps dissolve both polar and non-polar substances. This means stubborn eyeshadow, eyeliner and waterproof mascaras are removed with ease – without the need to rub harshly or rinse with water afterwards. 

To use, simply shake the bottle to activate and saturate a reusable cotton pad. Gently press on lashes and lid, and simply sweep away product. No need to rub or rinse. This will leave behind super clean and refreshed lids and lashes.   


With a love for botanical infusions, we never shy away from the inclusion of beneficial extracts. In our Off In A Blink solution, we combine aloe vera and grapefruit extract for a truly spa-like result.  

As you already know, aloe vera is known for its calming, hydrating and cooling properties. This extract will leave your skin feeling soothed and hydrated. An extra bonus? It’s refreshingly cooling on the skin. A serious advantage when it comes to eye makeup removal.  

Grapefruit extract promises the same great benefits as the delicious citrus fruit. As an extract it combines the refreshing properties in a more intense solution. Loved for its energizing scent, grapefruit extract will leave skin and lashes feeling refreshed and pampered. 

Off In A Blink Makeup Remover and Reusable Cotton Pads

Also – don’t miss our Bamboo Cotton Pads

We’re making eye makeup removal more sustainable with our Bamboo Cotton Pads. Super easy and sustainable, simply slip your fingers into the back pocket, add Off In A Blink Makeup Remover and gently swipe away makeup with ease. The best part? These Bamboo Cotton Pads are machine washable so you can say goodbye to single-use cotton pads. 

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Krista Thurrott

Krista Thurrott

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